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Outtakes new digital free downloads July 29, 2014

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Originally issued on July MMXIII (2013) as the first release of Single Club this rare mini CD countaining two songs may be serious ear candy for Outtakes enthousiasts. This countains a totally unreleased Improvisation & an extended version of Brume Statique


this is how the mini CD jewel case look I think only 5 or 10 copy exist (mainly as disc 2 of also unreleased Alternate Takes (which might be released as 3xLP but no CD & no Digital Release) still you can enjoy on HQ Digital MP3 files of those two tracks


total audio lenght : 15 min 10 sec


Le Ciel est Empli d Une Brume Statique (13.00)

Improvisation (5.21)

performed, writted and composed by outtakes, published by abstrat soundscapes music publishing corp (bmi) – recorded MMV/MMVII (2005-2007) on 16-tracks analog at Abstract Soundscapes Studios A by mat – mixed by mat with outtakes

download the mini CD here (for free) MP3 HQ 320Kbps (this includes also a live video from MMV filmed in VdR for a expo we we were invited to play (it s black and white 1.33:1 in 2 parts – should be re-edited in HD in one file)

logo FBI anti pyracy warning hq logo riaa newcreative commom 1 FBI Anti Piracy Warning. The following downloaded files are protected by copyright laws. This certify that abstract/concrete 1 outtakes (mt/vq/ib) are the owners of the copyright of those sound files for more info fbi.piracy.gov- The RIAA logo certified that files streamed or download are audited for the G&P Programm – Those sound files (music) is also licenced under a Creative Commom licence http://www.creativecommom.org

Outtakes also officially release as abstractCD007/abstractDG007 ‘Patience’ Outtakes last CD effort before the LP release, this complete CD is also available for free on High Quality download with MP3  files at 320Kbps fully tagged with artwork included

cover photo copy of DG05

download full album here (MP3 HQ 320Kbps)

credits :

1.Introduction (1.09)

2.Il est Temps de se Sentir Libre (5.51)

3.La Vallée dans le Brouillard (9.40)

4.Donne moi ton reve/Danse Rituelle (4.27)

5.Going thru frozen blizard (live remastered) (5.36)

6.L athmosphere est liquide (6.41)

7.Il est temps de se sentir libre (reprise) plus bonus tracks (27.11)

recorded and mixed by mat – assembled from different tape recordings and edited by mat – outtakes at this time david:drums , igro:keys, vinz:gtr, mat :gtr, clem:bass , anaisflute , this recording has ben issued on CD as abstractCD005

enjoy those recordings

fond constel copy.jpg with titles back copy

Abstract Concrete promotional 2xCD compil January 14, 2010

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As a compilation only available as digital download thru internet abstract/conjcrete released its 2nd digital release only with this mash up compil featuring many rare songs and full artwork. You can get this double CD available as two zip files clicking the links at the end of the text. This artwork and music is available under a Creative Commoms licence. Following the digital release of death666 digital only release this comp features many ambient folk instrument based calm almost ambient music, all those free vibes. Get the free download right here, post comments if you enjoy.
download disc one
download disc two

Many great MP3/FLAC music to download for free now December 2, 2008

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1722156453_d6ea2d3b3bHi everyone on the Abstract Soundscapes planet. we have fresh recordings to brought to your hears in the experimental domain, and newly encoded in FLAC (free lossless audio codec) that allow to bring to you in full download Outtakes 2005 live performance in FLAC download the music right here, sleeping music, music for daydreaming or for relaxing or for anything else like reading,  dreaming and drinking cocktails, be on our stratosphere, in the sky, near jupiter or the moon, in night time, city life, outdoor style, music for reaching another level of consciousness for daydreaming that s the whole concept of abstract/concrete recording, the sister label, in a idea of evolutive contemporary guitar based ambient music, played at the time with a fender performer a great guitar for making simple and touching melodies, like a jazzmaster style but build in the 70’s, thez concpet of abstract sound recording is reaching a quite opposite concept than death666, reahing as well a totally different audience, not in the pure noisist punk hardcore domain, well the music countains some quite wacky guitar noise solo, but falls as well in the field of relaxing ambient music, not in the sense that the music could be played not loud and do not focus on it, I mean you can go far throught this kind of hypnotics c atchy sweet melody, the Outtakes live performance was said to be a psychedelic experience in itself even in a punk rock concert. Experimental soundscapes played and made with electric instruments and sounding like  electronics, like FX like a samplers. Many combination have been made with the guitars, I think by reaching this technical level of FX, delays, samplers, reverberations, studio machines of f.x. and so on in order to produce dreaming experimental post rock music in the meaning of an ambient vast soundtrack for an imaginary movie.

Here is what you can downlaod for free from both abstract concrete artists, MT and Outtakes, we are happy to offer full lenght recordings in a high quality of encoding (both in MP3 Lame encoding for those recordings) Side C unrealeased of the 33rpm of Outtakes by clicking this link you can fully download the Side C, in MP3 Side B is here in full download stereo, download track.in MP3 too.


About Mat’s Trip his latest releases from 2007 The End Of Time, A free Peace Of sky and Sky Piece had been proudly released on dubplates at Berlin and you can have the full lenght recording of The End Of Time here (full download) experimental recording of the triple LP set countaining The Big Come Down (download here)& The Last Song (download here full lenght recordings) in the field of abstract music Mat’s Trip hold his electric guitar smash it against the floor giving birth to new sounds with multi effect playing, one take recording idea, and full stereo experimental radical mix, spectral recordings in the field of abstract music.

“I’d be very proud of these recordings since I do quite nothing since many years those recordings were for me very special and very intense in a sense, of pushing forward the experimental field with stereophonic recordings, RIAA Equalisation mix (sorry Harris!), and as well playing an electric instrument (guitar)  like if it was an electronic peace of gear, and get this texture and sound , harmony and melody, no matter how technical the sound will be it have to be processed by many electronic machines like samplers and also live f.xx I’ve got quite a collection of Boss/Ibanez Pedals, a sampler, two circuit, 3 tracks out, 2 or 3 mics on the amp,

and the sound came to me like a blessing, so relaxing pieces of sound that i later arranged and mixed on 16 tracks with very good and out of space sound in the state of the art of the recording which is possible in home studio place and this is not heard or very estetic with outside noises that come along the track and send it to higher space like an ambient music that you can listen beyond the hypnotic state like a kind of musical ritualk where you send your brain to outter space through extatic guitar playing melodies, haronies that come toward many pedals, delays, phasers, reverbs, and then all the 8 tracks goes through the many effects machines and the stereo sound is killer” (Mat’s Trip ITW – December 2008)

About Outtakes you can download as well this live recording recorded in 2005 at la madeleine in villefranche de rouergue this live set includes the basic songs from outtakes, elegy for the sacred butterfly, live impro of noise, mexico city blues for jack kerouac mixed very nicely (download the live track here) plus download a bonus DivX video right here


And then again many tracks from Mat’s trip late Cd/LPs are available throught this site, and you can have also many tarcks like In the Sky, The Theatre Is Closed, Sky Performance and more specially Sky Piece Side A (download here) and Side B(download here) and also A Free Peace Of Sky Side A (full download here) and Side B (full download here)

All those works are for free and protected by copyright laws under a Creative Commom licence, those experimental works are produced by abstract sound recordings, all songs mixed and recorded by Mat at abstract soundscapes studios, (c) 2006,2007 abstract/concrete recordings

hope you will enjoy those abstract sound works brought to you in full lenght MP3 digital audio by the abstract concrete team, hope to meet a new public on the net and to show what kind of musical works we produce if you want to support us you can make a donation on paypal, for the rest we have many Outtakes LP still available most of the rest of the catalog is sold out, we try to reach very special kind of music with references to Tim Hecker and Sonic Youth and to the experimental works of those producers to come on the other blog a list of the video we love each artist each month. Those recordings in free MP3 download document both bands at different stage in live recording, in studio and rehearshall sessions all those musical works had been brought to you using MediaFire and protected by copyrights laws. Hope you will enjoy those sensitive subtle recording of our band when we were playing those songs

enjoy those free sound recordings, we could advice as well to get Jet Audio 7 a freeware to play MP3 with great quality and the new FLAC codec which didn t compress the sound like an MP3, it has been said to be the next HQ soun d format for the web, more bigger to download it could be necessary to have DSL connection to the internet. And the sound is much more enjoyable, as soon as we might update we might post new FLAC of free download albums by abstract/concrete’ s artists : Outtakes & MT.

Enjoy those sound recordings and don t hesitate to post comments. We have been working closely with the artists to rpoduce free internet recordings, those downloads are legal because the artists deceide to give away the sound, it is as well a protest against music on the internet, we love that people could share our vibes anywhere and we enjoy the many downloads of full albums, that s a great way of broadcasting music. See ya soon. tchus.

Ultra quiet noise soundscapes field recording July 29, 2008

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After the latest release of abstract LP02, 03 and 04 coming as a deluxe triple LP set including The End Of Time and Free Peace of Sky professionaly mastered for vynil by Dubplates and Mastering at Berlin, hope some digital downloads will come fully mastered by professional sound engineer and come in ultra high sound quality way beyond the myspace compressed sound, up to 224kbps in 48kHz and 2 Channel. Sorry for all those technical datas but here at bstract Sound we can, be only excited by the fact that it is possible that Interpol and Sonic Youth mastering enginneer will do the compact disc and digital audio download version of shortened project Time Peace (abstract CD10) by maybe (we hope tight) sterling Sound in NYC.

We beleive in the new generation of digitl audio frmat that comes with the internet and ytthe possibilitie to create 5.1 tracks for the internet, fully legally downladable (as Creative Commom licences provide for artist a great possibilities beyond the scope of publishing, collaborating and doing more than what the usual society of right gestion do, the malfunctionment of those big publisher is a shame and maybe that’s why people self release their works for having more money from their art and not being exploited or pressurised for success in recordings and pushing it far beyond, to be honest I really don’t know exactly how the society for right works, but one thing is for shure the artist don’t get quite nothing from it unless they are widely airplayed and broadcasted, personnaly we got zero and sure enough some bands aairplayed quite a lot don’t get directly payed as Kim G wrote just send directly the money to us, that’ what we are thinking in terms of self publishing to have the freedom to release anything then have a little interest in the production process of the records, deceiding every artistic guidelines and have a final p^roduct that meet expectations in quality of sound and a bit of professionalism but complete artistic freedom in terms of side timings, track lenght, number of track, the standard for abstract concrete songs are about more than 10 minutes by track, some lenght are here to set an athmosphere but are heardly playable live in maybe sleeping chairs or else it could be interesting to hit a puiblic but people who listen to hardcore happen to listen to something else in the same time, but in term of live show when I played more relaxed music, people were almost offended to expect something near hardcore noise and find this special ambient music, some have difficulties with the sound.

In retrospect what is interesting now with internet is that we hit really an audience, some days have 44 visitors and the download of full track is around 84 and keeps going right up, that’s a tal success in term of communication of our spound recording and that’s good that website takes our video files or sound files and help us broadcast trhe music throught podcast, streaming audio and that’ s really a good way of finding an audience hhich happen to be sometimes very interested and then send me lovable e mails descripting how the song induced sleep or rellaxation and for me this was a huge hit, really incredible how people could meet the sound, or the audienc eacidentaly meet the sound recording and find it interesting, otherwise living in a rral area, having a internet connection is a must and also a good way of finding new broadband audience worldwide and when the remix came by I was amazed like , it is possible that someone ion this planet remix our sound without specially knowing us in a any way and we will release this song from Porch Cat on the further compilation, about abstract news and the multi download

You will find a new video from foreign film director leo tsouo who released year 2005 a cool art video for outtakes very experimental video with a track coming from forthcoming Lp at that time Self Titled black debut record with Electricity Pole September Waves get a DivX download o f the music video right here.

This video was part of a conteporary art instalation project released as well throught public broadcasting in Southern France, June 2006, the sound is avalailable in full stereo right there.

recently the original Mini Disc tape of the live recording made in January 2005 is available as full tape download right here with total playing time of approximatively 40 minutes, this MP3 digital audio tapes comes with full release as CD-R of the live recording insstrictly limited editions self released, it came just before the LP was self released too and include the usual great Outtakes infinite set with parts of full harsh noise, recorded by Abstract Sound mobile fidelity sound, in 16-tracks digital rec, mixed afterwhile (the day before) at Abstract Soudn with great 2 channel stero mixinith mainly DI boxeta was the first outtakes concert I made in full public as well

More downloads on mp3 music ! June 16, 2008

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Yeah, expensive solutions for a free world : great sound design , experiements in full stereo ! and more psychadelic music to come direct to your hears in full great quality mp3 download. Great software design is inspiring for creating and giving birth to brand new sound, the concept in abstract/cocnrete recordings had  been to simulate or recreate the athmosphere of a huge lightning storm coming with electricity all above of our heads. Yeah no need for acid trips, the hippie will anyway live forever, the sound is maybe the ultimate trip, the mind programme, this is it the ultimate drug trip of sound and orgy of electric guitars smashing against the amps or washing slowly waving away at the amp like Kim Gordon sang on the free kitten album, or in extatic peace making a sound with the guitars or playing the guitar like it had been a classic rock instruments from the 60’s to now on in rock music, the sexiest instrument of all the more versatile and tuned up into so many different directions that offer the songwritting and the palying of instruments. The music on abstract/concrete is a drug, not an harmless drug, an ambien pill, just close your eyes and listen, a way of relaxing chemically the brain is producing those molecules of happiness and pleasure while you love the sound which is played. yes we love the sound of electric guitars and ind a new way of using it. the technology brings to the people so much power, is it reasonnable ?

With a personal computre you can do so much than just produce, you can send your brain waves all around the worl in the form of digital music, free of charge in duplication, is what in my view, the artists appreciate and the listeners too, for us small producer of great sound, which are broken about money mostly spend on transforming ideas and colors into sound on a sound surface, we truly think that the digital media, this specific paranoia from the record industry is the liberation of the masses, and the fact that copy is free cause the fact that we have less expensives way of duplication to perform, so we have in mind to perform our sound the WWW takes care of the rest, the broadcasting, the difusion direct from our abstract home here in france, directly from our brains through sattelite trasmittion to anywhere in the world

Wherever you are you can catch our sound waveform coming to your brain. To be realistic SU people, internet friends told me that this music was really a kind of hypnotic sequence that could induce even sleep and that can be played while reading or any other cerebral activiti. I took this as a great compliment of value and a great advice that will guide me through the way I try to run ASR for now several years. the production of the LP, this long daydreaming of sound surface spinning on 33 visualising the project the shape of the disc, the label spining and all was really a sacred trip but very expensive, it is if you think you can fly in dreaming and try do this for real. (photo courtesy Harvard Univeristy, 1966)

New 3 x LP release has been put on parts to download directly recorded from the LP record. The 3x LP project was as well a true daydreaming, to press this kind of music on LP, the silence that occurs in the playback of the discs, the rain recording made in real-time with microphones at my window, car passing by from time to time, the sound was mixed in riaa technqiues, a lot of 60H, not much high freq. recorded on a MD tape filled with this edited 57 minutes version of the title The EndOf time.

For LP ct the sound has been separated on two parts, same thing for A Free Peace Of Sky/Sky Piece the tracklistings from CD to LP are differents.

internet offers to us the power to duplicate this sound project for free by mp3 download of the full albums even if we have on stock 1 copie in dubplate and a limited 500 edition of LP, maybe a 250 copies of 7 inch two tracks from Outtakes.

The sound files of outtakes are so huge that we need a new hard disk to put them on, gigabites of musical data that some could be treated with new techniques and give a brand new sound, including possibilities with Dolby Digital 7.1 and 5.1 for release on DVD Audio or Digital Format sound file surely enough available ont he web as a wav file to download. The 500 limited edition LP of Outtakes is still available on the blog at Media where you can buy with Paypal if you have already an account you don’t have to write the complete number of your credit card for more security so hope you will trust this world wide system that works very well, still we have a bunch of releases on CD, LP and soon DVD to sell out through the site including Lp of Outtakes many Cds from Mat’s Trip, digital downloads are available for free including highly remastered Side C unreleased of the Outtakes LP original project as three sided LP.

More downloads soon as soon as we explore the sound archives of the concrete artists which have recorded hours of digital tape and many MD, new systems explore the ability to record with better quality in home studio specially the new softwares, so we are kind of over equiped for a home studio with many too much recording gear and equipment and expensive sound solutions and various audio solutions too. We are not looking for a new band to produce but you can send your demo to us if you are interested in being broadcasted through the World Wide Web, which is our new way of distributing music lately and it works pretty well that many people comes to see the website project much more than people who actually buy the LP records, unbelievable. So send us your tapes if you want and perform in ambient or hardcore punk. A remix of us had been made by PorchCat and is definitively the winner of our sound remix contest with only one song posted so far but a good one.

The special trip is on, the amps are turned up, the phones are running, the lights are switching with colors the design in the night of the light of the sound signal is so beautiful with slow motion of camera and sound recording effect number thirteen 13 the number written in red lights the reverberations the movements of the sound the moment you slipped on the ground the noise the melting of genres a Kerouac book on the bed great explosion in the mind with strange lightning on the outside the sound patterns represent a live painting the music itself is captured in this instant by what the people expect of a static time make it infinite peace and slow motion movements respect to the writters of freedom those who knew what was going on before us and try to warn us al of the states of things in their great paranoid times speaking and imagining scenes in slow motion in red light visions of space and time all stucked in this time, this magic lenght, this space programme

LP records masters re-issues April 25, 2008

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Hello, abstract concrete is proud to announce the re-issue of the late Mat’s Trip Compact Disc on LP vynil records masters, the catalog had been updated to abstractLP04 with the recent LP version output of The End Of Time, this epic song of 40 minutes which has been cut in two sides by Dubplates & Mastering at Berlin, and is available on full download on the Media Section of the main website.

As abstractLP02 & LP03 there is the double feature Sky Piece & A Free Peace Of Sky as well released as Lp records master, those versions are as well on full download on the main website and includes different tracklisting than the Compact Disc version, additional tracks as well unreleased and different timings, in order to fit the album onto four sides.

Sorry for not updated sooner but these are the news from abstract/concrete, we try to launch a concept where the tracks are free to download and where you can donate throuh Paypal if you want to support us or if you like the idea of free cultural works. We try to focus as well on further collaborations with various artists that we hope we will meet throught the internet.

The media section is offering as well many albums on ambient ground for full lenght, high quality, free downloads, those works still copyrighted by the owner of the works and are distributed this way under Creative Commom licence as well, we support the project and like the idea too that music can be distributed on the web and reach an audience, a brand new one than the usual DIY project launched from the room in the middle of the woods, well the stats shows that it really hits an audience and we think that music really exist if it is shared by people from all around the globe.

So the tapes are listened and that’s cool, guess you’ve noticed the artwork and the changing tracks availbale for stream and now as well podcast, download and even ringtone. We try to upload tracks as much as we could to make discover to the internet public the various tapes recorded at abstract sound and made by Outtakes & Mat’s Trip. We try to shearch for rare versions and rare tracks and then upload them to web.

This is kind of catchy hypnotic sounds, very relaxing frequencies that you can listen and fall asleep with on the other hand we run as well death666 with its super vitamined music from artist on more punk hardcore ground with a project of compilation inspired by the techno/punk tapes and the switch from electro to electric bands.

We have more space on the internet to promote abstract concrete bands with new sections on the website dedicated to liner notes and download of albums, more room for the sound and the bands as we found website that could take our long tapes of soundscapes with great sound quality.

Hope you enjoy it and see ya soon. Mat. Abstract Sound Recordings.

Flow of Particles and Air Vibration Stream February 23, 2008

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New sounds had been uploaded and are listenable via stream, the ultimate tool we’d been looking for long, the principle allow the audience of the website to listen to the music and not to download it temporary. We looked over our sound archives to provide rare songs from the last years of music making, techno tracks from the ambient first volumes and very rare takes of outtakes.

The look of the tape rolling is sweet to us and the audience seems to be interested in this music, we will look out for more sound tapes, most previously unreleased and open the “artist” section in the media archives with featured artists and surely enough the dowload of the songs which are listenable by stream.

It is with great pleasure that we offer our music under legal contents provided by Creative Commom, in the shearch of our huge sound archives many digitalized songs, many rehearshalls from outtakes, many released albums, the sound archive is very vast and takes many time to listen to. For example Outtakes may reach many hours and hours of tapes and it’s good to take out on a internet ride some of the old songs which fits pretty well in the stream of music currently available.

New songs had been added as well, fresh dubbing from tapes from last digitalized Outtakes songs from MD, such as 27 (untitled) named after the timing where the song was lifted, Negatively Entropic a multi level listening song named after property of orgone energy. And many more to come, two rare versions of classic Outtakes songs Elegy & Mexico City blues named on the 242 choruses of Kerouac’s book as a tribute to his poetic truth telling work, had been cut out from master tapes.

The two vinyl versions of Mat’s Trip Sky Piece & Free Peace Of Sky had been released mastered by Dubplates and Mastering in addition to special Side C lifted from master of first Outtakes Lp mastered in Montreal by Mr Harris Newman, our new idol.

Anyway it’s a good thing to re-release the old classics from abstract/concrete, many more to come from the vast multi gygabites sound archives, many downloadable tracks as well giving a second life to the soul of music closed up in a hard drive for so long, Outtakes had been very productive in recording for two years and many good improvisations may come soon, Mat’s Trip works in ambient music is as well very long, The End Of Time had been dedicated to public domain and is now free of any rights.

New full mp3 albums to download January 6, 2008

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That’s just great we’ve uploaded on the web through the media section of our website a bunch of tracks from recent outputs on abstract concrete recordings and even unreleased tracks from Outtakes. This is exclusive internet tracks from the artists to the web audience, the music downloads are powered by MediaFire, and that’s a good thing because of the lenght of the tracks mostly around 10-20 minutes of tape so it wasn’t easy to offer even songs from Outtakes & Mat’s Trip because of the timing of the songs. Well you can access as well by our future feed dedicated to mp3 down here, the songs availables are from Outtakes, exclusive unreleased Side 3 of the LP album in full lenght and very high quality 48kHz stream.

Rare songs from Outtakes as well with the Alternates Takes CD-R never issued officially by abstract concrete countaing various differents versions of the songs played in live performance and classic songs from Outtakes, 5 songs that you can get here on the medi archives section.

From Mat’s Trip, his last 3 albums are available for download, almost all of the tracks are available from A Free Peace Of Sky & Sky Piece in LP 12″ release version for the dubplate pressing and the LP master, you can have the 4 sides of ths project and as well The End Of Time a epic 41 minutes songs from the eponym album The End Of Time. You can access to those songs here on media website

All the musical content is still protected by copyright under licence provided by Creative Commoms, Share Music licence.

MP3 Remix Contest November 9, 2007

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Photography courtesy by NASA – Jet Propulsion Laboratory CA

Since we agreed to share our sound recordings on our website with various listeners and mostly artists with licences from Creative Commom, which allows us to share music with the listeners and artists on the web, under certain conditions by the Share Music licence and as well we allow other artists to sample, cut-up, take pieces or mash up songs with Sampling Plus licences. All artists agreed to participate to this music licencing process in order to share our songs and allow us to be known in circles or any way in the web. The licences are available with the songs of most of the artists and the titles (see reference on our main website.

What you can do to create your remix is to download the current tracks on death666records website on mp3 download page and cut-up and sample bits, pieces yourself, or can go to upload samples kit at the CCMixter tool on mat467 page.

You have to quote the original artist(s) where the samples came from and as well release the tracks under the same licence that we use (non-commercial).

Since The Anti Beat , SKLPL, Mat’s Trip and Ass’n’Dick have few songs that can be uploaded under certain condition by this licence, Abstract Sound Recording offer the possibilty for artists, producers on the web to sample songs of our artists (for non commercial use only, and with quoting of the name of the band and title of the song) and to use bits and pieces of the tracks in their music.

If you are a producer, artist interested in our music and in our contest, we launch a contest supporting CC for sampling our music and creating brand new songs. We hope for a musical patchwork from many differens grounds and vast fields of music, such as electronics remixing with use of bits, parts, pieces to download, sample, cut-up and mash-up.
If the contest is sucessful, death666 will issue a compact disc and downloadable mp3 version of the remixed songs through our website and our structure production.

For this contest, please go to CC Mixer website and download the samples kit or else on the mp3 page dowload the tracks and takes samples, the CCMixter tool will have uploaded selected sound samples only to build up new tracks. The licence of this page allow modifications of the works under similar non-commercial licence. You have to declare the portion of the samples you use (title of the song, artist, composer ) and go ahead remix, sample, mash up an create your song. Post your remix for the mp3 contest or upload the song on MediaFire, and that’s it.

Future musical selections will be made if the contest is successful, a compact disc and digital web data will be available. For more informations about this contest, for sending us songs please write to :timepeace6@gmail.com

Thanks in advance for the overwhelming reaction it might had for us, our artists, labels and songs.

Abstract Sound History November 9, 2007

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Welcome to Abstract Sound Recording blog on WordPress.com. This is our forum for our music publishing activities, our place for more information sharing, upcoming artwork photographies and upgraded news.

Most of the design of the death666 website had been re-arranged with new chronics for the artists, new artwork, mainly redesigned with legal content for the so long debate on mp3 hits on the web as you may have noticed on the web site with the legal symbols refining the copyright contents of the website, the artwork, and the songs.

Our songs are licenced and that’s a good thing that users on the web could obtain free music and that we refine the rights on our contents, on this occasion we organise a future campain, a remix contest for artists and producers around the globe which are allowed to mash up our sound data files under certain conditions.

Soon more news about our sound recording activities. We shearch for a new band to promote with death666, mostly on the southern France and in various different musical grounds, it can be almost anything musicaly speaking that we might be interested.

We shearch as well for a location for a live recording, Mauriac Sound community will be great but we are open for something else, or for the band which will be suitable for us to record on mobile unity.

The idea in the records we issued had been sometimes a feeling close to something powerful angst against evil thoughts, cold angers against digital screams mechanics.

We once planned to record outdoors on special recording occasion for an ambient project with what done outtakes year two thousand five, two thousand six.

If you are a band which perform music that you think we could produce or record on live occasion please dare to contact us at death666records@tiscali.fr for special recording.

bliumis3_main.jpgWe try to launch a new vision of our website with more rich content, we also try to upgrade the web site to a more qualitative content, graphicaly and change the main language to english US because of the high number of visitors.We are happy to promote Creative Commom licence which resolve our problem for music sharing activities, with the label, since all the artists agreed to participate to this campain.

The idea of the website had always been to share graphically and visually a feeling or an emotion, the music causes a reflection of the modern electronic age we all live in, with digital stream invasions, new medias and new forms of musical rarities.

The home based production is very good in the sense that for almost no money it is possible to do something good which has a meaning and not a cost, except on values that defies conceptions.

We do the recording with a lot of equipment which had been buyed through the years mostly by Mat, when he used to work well payed, and to put this money in durable sound equipment with great microphones for band recordings, condenser mics, digital treatment, 16-tracks analogic, mini disc, software on computer and excellent sound card. The results in sound quality were better since last year where the stereophonic treatment beguin to have a certain intensity and the CD quality is a future patented technology which consist to burn CDs over the usual sampling frequency rate of 44 100.

Our sound results are better than ever specially on the last ambient recording from Mat’s Trip “Free Peace Of Sky”, “The End Of Time/The Last Song”. We opened on the web as well a place to sell our home made merchandise http://abstractsound.gemm.com and plan future full lenght albums mp3 downloads


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